Monday 17 February 2014

Love is all around

Sometimes I get so caught up in the little tiny details of life that I forget to take a step back and look at the bigger picture. When those little details are all I can see, when life gets so full of things to do and places to be and lists of things that need to get crossed off, and that's what I focus on, I sometimes neglect to appreciate all the good things around me. This is a bad habit that I have because I truly believe a happy mama means a happy baby and a happy family too.

So without further ado, here's me focussing on what has been giving me warm and fuzzy feelings over the past few days....
  • I love Fridays and Mondays, as they're the days that I get to spend with my little lady, and not have to rush her around to get ready so we can do the daycare drop off. 
  • Look at this bumper crop of tiny tomatoes I harvested from my raised garden bed! They're sweet and delicious and worth braving the hoards of grasshoppers which seem to have developed a taste for them too! Anyone have any tips for discouraging grasshoppers? I'm deadly afraid of them and run screaming in the other direction when I encounter them, so squishing is out of the question for me.
  • On the topic of gardens, everything is doing so well lately! I have eggplants ripening and I keep eyeing them off, ready to pick them before grasshoppers get to them. The tomatoes are prolific! I have pumpkin and passionfruit flowering like mad, but no fruit yet (maybe it's time to get out a paintbrush and manually pollinate...). Sweet potato is spreading nicely, and even the citrus plants seem to be happy. I'll have to do a proper garden update soon I think.
  • On Valentines day, Ellie had a play date, so we whipped up a batch of mini wacky cakes for her to share. These ones are an apple and cinnamon variety, with a spoonful of cocoa thrown in to make them a little bit more special. They were a hit! Not to mention that while Ellie and her friend were playing, I got to enjoy some conversation with another adult over tea and bread. Oh my, how grown up and sophisticated does that sound?!
  • Blurred photo aside, look at that look of achievement and sheer joy. There was a stage when Ellie was scared to go on the playground equipment but that is past us now. She loves the slide and I love to hear her squeal with glee on the way down. I also feel like I'm getting some exercise in myself when we walk to the park to play. Win, win!
  • Not even a year later and those delicious MaltEaster bunnies are back in store. They have them at the checkout counter at my local shops and I'm a sucker for them... so, so good! Ellie is now old enough to be interested, so I've also turned into one of those mothers who hide in the pantry and try to sneakily scoff the chocolate. HA! It's like toddlers and husbands have supersonic hearing for the crackling of chocolate wrappers.
What has been making you happy lately?

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