Friday 28 February 2014

What's on my... bedside table

Some of my readers have asked for a bit of a behind the scenes look into my life. So I thought I could do a bunch of things showing who I am by showing snippets of what's around me. Because it was the closest thing to me at the time, I give you what's on my bedside table!

Bedside table

  • Secret Keeper, by Kate Morton hardcover. I've been trying to get through this book since last Christmas, which is most unlike me. I'm a voracious reader, it's just that this one has stymied me for some reason. It's too big to carry around to read on public transport. It's too unwieldy to hold up and read while Ellie snuggles on me. It was awkward to hold and read while breastfeeding and requires lots of concentration to follow the story, so I couldn't read it in short bursts. So it sits on my bedside table, mocking me and awaiting an opportunity when I'm not reading something else.
  • Kindle. This is my go-to reading device. It's so portable and doesn't strain my eyes like reading on the iPad for long periods does. Also it's a lot less painful when I fall asleep and drop it on my head! I sign up for daily emails where I'm told of Kindle book price drops and sales, and this ensures that I have a constant fresh source of cheap new books. 
  • Notebook/pen. I call this my glad/sad book. In it, I allow myself to write three things that I am grateful for, and three things that I am unhappy about for that day. I like to illustrate it with funny doodles and other things that catch my fancy. It helps me realise I have lots of be happy about, and once I've written the things that make me cranky, I can also see how little some of them mean. I find it cathartic.
  • Drink bottle with water. For those times I'm thirsty (mostly at night) and too lazy to go to the kitchen.
  • Stereo dock. Not the best sounding but perfect for charging the iPhone overnight and giving me a clock too.
  • Various vitamins. They're out in full view so that I remember to take them.
  • Small green torch. At nighttime my eyesight is terrible and if I don't have it, then guaranteed I'm going to stub my toes painfully on the bed if I'm walking around.
  • Paw paw ointment. This stuff is so multipurpose it's not funny.
I know that it's quite cluttered but I swear that I need everything on it. Mr Fork's bedside table is more functional. He has a phone charger, a box of tissues and some loose change. Sure it might look neater, but when he's thirsty or has chapped lips in the middle of the night, guess who has the last laugh?!

What's on your bedside table?


  1. I love your idea of a glad/sad book. I think I may give this a go as, while I have so many beautiful things to be greatful for (have you met my adorable boy?), my focus has been rather negative lately. :o) And there is something just 'right' about writing things out with a pen, on paper.

    1. I agree, pen and paper seem to have a certain something about them. I'm that nerdy child who loved the beginning of the school year and all the new pens and books... but grown up now! It's much easier than a diary or a journal because I can't always find the time for long prose pieces, but I can make time to jot a few dot points down. When I read back over it, after some time, the positives always stand out much more than the negatives too :)



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