Thursday 5 February 2015

Three things Thursday

Welcome to the first week of February! Is it just me or is this year just flying by?

1. Is anyone else obsessed with mason jars lately? Lots of places that I frequent seem to serve drinks in them, and I've even seen people using them as lunch containers, using them to store salads and quaffing smoothies from. Me, I can take them or leave them - while they're cute, they aren't the biggest container and they're pretty heavy (although the handle is handy and I do like the occasional novelty of them).

Peach tea in a mason jar
2. Yesterday I took Jimmy and braved my first 'bring your baby' movie with him. Even though he was wrapped nice and snuggly, and they'd catered to babies with the lights left dim and the sound lowered, he fussed throughout most of the show. I guess he is just not a musical appreciating baby. I on the other hand thoroughly enjoyed watching Into the Woods.

3. This Saturday is Jimmy's 100 day celebration. Traditionally in Chinese culture it marks the end  of the first three months of life... in other words, the end of the fourth trimester. In days past, there was a belief that these 100 days were when new mothers and babies were must susceptible to illness so they should stay indoors during this time... in the days of high infant mortality, if baby survived 100 days it was a cause for celebration. (Obviously I have not observed the staying inside tradition!)

It is important to Mr Fork's family to have this celebration, and who am I to turn down a party? I do however refuse to have Jimmy's head shaved for the occasion as tradition dictates! I don't care how thick and luscious it is supposed to make his locks! Stay tuned for delicious food pictures though!

How is your week going?


  1. Gosh, staying inside with a newborn for 100 days would do my head in!! I'm glad you enjoyed Into the Woods even if Jimmy didn't :)

    1. I think I lasted a week before I demanded to go out and do the grocery shopping! :)
      I hope Jimmy will grow up to have a better taste in entertainment. I have grand plans for him to accompany me to plenty of musicals as my husband doesn't care for them either!



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