Thursday 26 February 2015

Three things Thursday

There's been a bit of blog silence this week. It wasn't particularly intentional, just that life got in the way a bit.

1. Jimmy has been a bit ill over the past few days. I suspect it's something that Ellie brought home from daycare (thank you germ fest!). Nothing serious, but as he is still breastfed, I've been taking extra care of myself to help look after him - plenty of water, probiotics, vitamins and rest. I'm hoping to pack maximum benefits into his milk but it's hard for me to get as much rest as I should and look after myself when there is still a toddler to mind and a house to run.

2. Mr Fork and Ellie came home from weekend swimming lessons bearing a surprise bunch of oriental lilies (my favourites!). They were closed when I got them and they're gradually starting to open now... every time I walk into the kitchen they smell amazing.  Hooray for pretty blooms!

3. I know I'm late to the smoothie bandwagon, but how amazing are they? I had a delicious one recently - a vegan, paleo friendly salted caramel smoothie. I know, right?! Ingredients, which are just sort of added to taste were: dates, cashew butter, maple syrup, sea salt, coconut milk and ice. Blend. YUM! If you were into them, you could add half a banana too (I loathe bananas).

Do you have a favourite smoothie recipe? Care to share?

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