Friday 27 February 2015

Review: MU Australia, Library of Flowers field kit

Recently, the people at MU Australia were lovely enough to send me a Library of Flowers Field Kit to try. MU Australia specialise in niche bath, body and home products of classical design and high quality. I chose The Forest - a bath goods collection containing a triple milled soap, body scrub, shower gel, hand creme and a lip nectar.

The Library of Flowers brand designer Margot Elena has done a wonderful job creating scents inspired by nature - opening the package was a lovely smelling experience. Apparently, although I am not cultured enough to pick it (nor am I a beauty blogger), the top note is oak bark, middle note is arctic moss and bottom note is white sage. Take my word for it, it smells nice!

I love the packaging - the bamboo container is quirky, and the product labelling is bright, cheerful and very contemporary.

I especially loved the hand creme. With a toddler and a newborn, I am constantly washing my hands, and so I need something to stop them drying out. This hand creme ranked highly for me, absorbing easily, smelling gorgeous and not being greasy. The coco and shea butters, along with macadamia and avocado oils made me feel conditioned and soothed with lovely soft hands to boot!

I try to avoid heavily scented shower gels and body scrubs as Jimmy doesn't seem to like them on me, but I couldn't resist trying these ones out. The shower gel wasn't drying at all due to the shea butter, bee balm and jojoba oil used. The body scrub was a great texture - medium sized beads were perfectly sized so that I felt I was getting a good scrub, but gentlly as well. Afterwards, I was smooth and clean and not overly perfumed either.

I'm not a huge soap fan (Mr Fork usually gets given all mine) but I dutifully unwrapped the fine perfumed bar and was just a little smitten. Children and dogs mean I wash my hands constantly so I left this one beside the sink for a little washing luxury. The coco butter base meant I was nicely cleaned without being too dry afterward.

I had to fight Ellie for my lip nectar (she loves her gloss!) as I was such a fan of the honeyed peach. It has a lovely aroma and left my lips soft without being greasy or sticky.

The Library of Flowers kits retail for $64.95 from MU Australia.
Disclaimer: Although I was provided with the Library of Flowers kit for free, I was under no obligation to write a post. All opinions are my own.


  1. 'It smells nice' is about all the description and endorsement I need ;) I'm not great at distinguishing beauty scents / ingredients either, but the packaging here is lovely and Forest sounds great!

    1. Haha, that made me laugh Kari! Writing it, I had to look way too many times at the ingredient list to be sure I was using the right language.
      'Smells nice' = glowing endorsement :)



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