Sunday 1 March 2015

What do you do with a glut of eggplants?

Well, not much else is growing so well, but my eggplants continue to produce prolifically.

A combination of the alternatively heavy recent rains and the lovely sunny days has resulted in an absolute eggplant-palooza in one of my garden beds.

Yesterday, I harvested the ones here, and there are still at least as many still on the plants, and a plethora of flowers too.

At least we will be kept in eggplant supply for awhile. Aren't they just lovely, shiny and plump?

A pity I don't have a local gardener friend I can swap produce with. So... what to do with the bounty? I already have some roasted and frozen, and I'm over lasagne for awhile.

How do you eat your eggplants? How does your garden grow lately?


  1. They look lovely! I'm enjoying eggplants at the moment so am envious of your home grown ones :-) I like them cooked in red wine vinegar and oregano, and with sweet chilli sauce and tahini (I like everything with sweet chilli and tahini!).

    1. Oh sweet chilli and tahini sounds like an awesome combination! I can't believe I've never thought to try before :-)

  2. how gorgeous - one of my favourite eggplant recipes is a salad with roasted eggplant chunks - here is the link (is quite an old one) - do you have community places about the do food swaps - we have some near us that are such friendly places to go!

    1. Thank you for the recipe link. It sounds delicious, I'm definitely going to try it out. I might have to google for the food swaps. It would be lovely to meet fellow urban gardeners!



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