Thursday 19 March 2015

Three things Thursday

1. Jimmy has been a bit unwell for the past week with some kind of respiratory virus. It's made him sleep terribly and be a bit snotty and generally a grumpy little thing. However, we had a big weekend just past and none of the things that we had on could be rescheduled so we just had to push through. He was doing quite well at keeping it together all things considered, until we got to his baptism. Just before it was due to start, a terrible smell emanated from him. I briefly considered ignoring it, but a quick check ensured that was not going to be a good outcome. I had to ask the priest to please delay the start, while Mr Fork sprinted to the car with Jimmy to clean him up. Apparently it was heinous. It was also equally uncomfortable dealing with an entire church full of people looking at me and knowing what had happened. Motherhood. Keeping it real.

2. On the topic of keeping it real, I got the following pearler from Ellie the other day. We were having a conversation, and clearly I must have said something that offended her sensibilities, because all of a sudden she burst out with:
E: "Stop talking mama, it's off-putting"M: "Excuse me? Do you even know what that means?"E: (with little hand raised) "Just stop talking mama"
I have never said that. Daycare has a lot to answer for!

3. I'm loving the cooler weather! Now that it is cooling down, I'm revelling in comfort food like hot chocolates and pasta bakes and this gorgeous apple crumble slice (recipe courtesy of Liz, which I followed faithfully except I subbed something in for the eggs). What are your favourite foods to eat in the cooler months?

Happy Thursday!

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