Tuesday 10 March 2015

Review: Morlife

Sometimes, it's close to dinner time and I just cannot be bothered. Despite meal planning, despite having a hungry family to feed (why must they eat all the time!?), I just can't drag myself into the kitchen to make a well thought out and nutritious meal. Mr Fork sometimes manages to talk me into getting a takeaway, but I'll sit there eating it resentfully (yet also gratefully), thinking about how I could cook something just as good for a fraction of the cost.

When I was introduced to the nutrition brand Morlife, it seemed like an ideal solution. The products that they offer are fairly nutritious, free from lots of fillers and weird number ingredients, and have a list of ingredients that I can understand.

I have a variety of products to work my way through, but the one that tickled my tastebud fancy right away was the Mediterranean Tomato and Herb Quinoa Risotto.

It was easy to prepare, with an option of stovetop or microwave cooking. Being super lazy, I opted for the microwave route, and 15 minutes later (20 on a stove top), it was done. It would have been delicious by itself, but I opted to serve it alongside some roasted eggplant from the garden and some steamed sweet potato. There was enough for two generous serves and I ate the second serving for lunch the next day (Ellie had declared she didn't like it, and it was so tasty I wasn't going to force her to eat it - bahaha).

I think this brand is going to reoccur on my lazy dinner nights now that I've tested it out.

Note that after I'd made it and started eating, I did discover that there is milk powder in the quinoa, so although it is vegetarian, it is not vegan. I didn't get a belly ache after, so I don't think the lactose is overly strong.

What is your lazy dinner go-to meal?


  1. Wow, that looks very gourmet! My lazy go-to dinner involves driving to McDonald's for chicken mcnuggets! HAHA!!! It still involves effort to get dressed out of my PJs haha!

    1. Nooo! You're doing it wrong! If you go through the drive through, no need to get out of PJs! Motherhood has ensured I have no shame or dignity either these days :-)

  2. Looks good. Have you tried the Celebrate Health version? We've been having that and Little Man loves it. I'm just curious as to how it compares.

    1. Ooh no. I'll keep an eye out for it though and let you know!



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