Thursday 12 March 2015

Three things Thursday

Thursday again, which means I'm sharing three snippets of things that happened or that I found interesting during the week!

1. Ellie had her first proper dentist visit. By that I mean she sat on the chair (on daddy's lap) and with some gentle encouragement, allowed the dentist to count her teeth and have a poke around her mouth. I was so proud, and if I'm honest, rather thankful that the verdict was her teeth are fine. Previously she's screamed blue murder on even looking at the dentist chair as we take her with us whenever Mr Fork or I have a check up. At least I know that my unwanted advances chasing her around the house with a tooth brush are paying off!

2. Jimmy is developing a decided preference for lying on one side, despite me sneaking in to move him while he sleeps and positioning his room so that he looks toward his less favoured side. As a result, he is developing a slight flat spot. I know that some cultures think a flat head at the back is attractive, but he just looks wonky. My physiotherapist recommended lots of tummy time, but also getting a fit ball and rolling him around on it. Quite frankly, every parent should have a fit ball. I don't know how I survived without one for so long, but all I have to do is wrap him and bounce and instant calm. Hooray!

3. I have got snow peas ready to harvest. Well, to be strictly honest, I had snow peas ready to harvest, and then I showed Ellie, and she picked and ate them all. I can't be mad because really, she's eating greens and I know they're good ones because I grew them so I know exactly what was involved in producing them (nothing! Clean, organic yumminess!). Here is photographic evidence before they got eaten

What's been happening during your week?

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