Thursday 12 February 2015

Three things Thursday

1. I know I said in last week's post that Jimmy was having his 100 day celebration this week. I had grand intentions of taking plenty of pictures of the event but he was passed around like a little parcel between all the people there, so I just lapped it up and spent the time eating uninterrupted instead. I didn't get a single picture, he was so happy and I was so busy. The only times he came back to me were for feeding or nappy changes (typical!).

So here's a picture from tummy time play this week. My chunky little boy has cracked the 7kg mark and looks very cheerful about it (my neck and shoulders, not so much)!

2. There are lots of Jimmy pictures on my blog lately, but poor Ellie has been a bit neglected. Here's a picture to make up for it. She is growing into a little person in her own right... full of two year old personality, tantrums and plenty of attitude. I snapped this at breakfast one morning while she was staring out the cafe window at a passing dog walker. She does love animals.

3. Lately I have been craving fruit. Peaches, nectarines, berries, apples... I can't get enough. As far as cravings go, there are worse ones to have I suppose, and fruit is particularly delicious at the moment... have you been craving anything in particular lately?


  1. Ooh these pics are just gorgeous!
    Hmm what have i been craving?? I am loving Greek Yoghurt with a small handful of clusters added to it....YUM.:)

  2. You have two beautiful children :-) I am glad you got a chance to relax while others passed Jimmy around, even if you did get him back for the difficult tasks!



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