Tuesday 27 January 2015

Our Australia Day weekend in pictures

So what did you get up to on the Australia day weekend? With a toddler and a nursling in the house, we were never going to get up to anything crazy, but we had a lovely weekend at home. There were family outings, plenty of play, some treats, some chores and house stuff and just plain old relaxing done.

Here are some of our highlights:

  1. When was the last time you saw petrol this cheap? I remember when I got my first car I refused to fill up if it was anything over 70c/L. How times have changed!
  2. Oh the perils of being the second child and inheriting things regardless of gender suitability. It takes a manly man to rock out a pink hat! I know it's not obvious from the picture either, but baby wearing for the win! This is how you run after a toddler with a baby as well!
  3. Churros. Oh churros how I love thee! We went to out local San Churros because I had a craving and it's air conditioned there. Pro tip - if you get the dark chocolate dipping sauce, it is NINJA VEGAN! Oh yeah!! Churros minus egg and dairy and no stomach ache after? Woohoo!!!!
  4. Nothing like chilling out on the verandah with some snacks in your swimsuit and the Triple J hottest 100 playing in the background, right! It's an Australia Day tradition to run through the sprinkler in the backyard...
  5. Park time! I remember when I used to have to lift her onto all the equipment. Now it's "I do it self mama!"
  6. Eggplant bounty! I replanted a bunch of things, planted out new seedlings and harvested all the things that needed harvesting. This batch was turned into a lasagne and some was baked for freezing until I think of what to do with it all.
What did your long weekend look like?


  1. I didn't know San Churro had anything vegan! And petrol under $1 is amazing - have prices been coming down? I too grew up in an era where certainly under 90c was normal :)

    Happy Australia Day!

    1. I'm super chuffed to have discovered vegan churros, let me tell you! Petrol prices are definitely low right now - I actually saw it at 93c the other day... My jaw dropped a little :)



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