Thursday 22 January 2015

Three things Thursday

Where did that week go?

1. I have a 12 week old. As in, a three month old. Forget about where the week went, those three months feel like that have disappeared in the blink of an eye! Look at this little cutie!

2. I finally feel like I'm starting getting on top of this whole 'mama to two' thing now. It's partially to do with Jimmy sleeping in longer bursts and partially to do with me just getting it together. Either way... it's just working out for me at the moment. Win!

3. Feeling in a particularly generous mood last week, I made Mr Fork and Ellie pulled pork and hand cut potato chips for dinner. It was a bit of a win really as they devoured it, and now they're both asking if they can have it again soon. Seriously, I cooked that sucker all day. It's not something I'm going to repeat on a weekly basis my hungry hoards! Although the chips... well, my they were delicious. I could be convinced to whip those babies up again soon!

How's your week going?

1 comment:

  1. Those 3 months have gone by quickly - albeit, I suspect, with some very slow moments within the mix for you! I'm glad to hear things are starting to feel more settled.



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