Tuesday 20 January 2015

How does your garden grow, January 2015

It's been seriously hot here in Brisbane this month. So hot that our air conditioner has been working over time and I'm dreading getting the electricity bill. But... with a newborn and a toddler in the house, there isn't really many alternatives unless I want to drive myself crazy taking them both to a shopping centre on my own, or dehydrating all of us running around a park... I digress.

The other morning, before the day got too unbearably muggy, I popped out to the garden for a bit of maintenance (weeds ahoy!) and just to connect and have a little me-time before my tiny humans wanted all the attention.

The eggplants are just amazing. Mr Fork has staked them up again for me as they outgrew the previous stakes. They are producing prolifically, despite having some kind of sucker infestation that won't respond to my usual treatments. There are plenty of them to eat now, and to freeze some extra for winter time too despite whatever bug is on them.

The garden bed is a bit bare looking but I've planted some tomatoes in there, as the vines did so well last year. Nothing yet, but I live in hope. There are also carrots, but I'm not sure if those have taken, as they are planted where my dogs have decided they like to rest. A whole yard for that and they choose to lie in my vegetable bed. Typical.

The silver beet was out of control with the recent rain, but then I left it a few days too long and the grasshoppers decimated it. All silver beet plants have now been consigned to the compost bin!

In addition to my sweet potato section, I've finally planted out some regular potato in a separate area. It's my first go growing potato, but already I see some leaves appearing so I'm hopeful they're doing their thing underground.

The purple tiger chilli bush has really come back with the hot weather. It's laden with fruit, I'm just waiting for them to ripen up and turn red before I pick them. I'll freeze a bunch and dry some out to turn into chilli flakes and powder as well.

My basil is going to seed. I'm pinching flowers whenever I get a chance but I can't keep up. I may have to cut the whole thing back again and wait for the next growing season as I don't want it to taste too woody and old.

Chilli, woody basil and weeds a-plenty!
There are baby limes on the lime tree. Well, really one lime of any note, but there are other little babies growing. The lemon and mandarin trees have flowers, but no fruit and appear to have been a favourite of the grasshoppers and leaf miners yet again. Boo, hiss!

I've got a new pumpkin vine sprouting, which makes me happy. I never plant these on purpose, but they grow from the compost (gross when I think of it really). Last year was the first time I ever got pumpkins off one, and I'm hoping to get some more this year, although Mr Fork will be stricter about letting me have vines growing across his new grass now I think. I love pumpkin in winter, so hopefully I get a few that I can store away for then.

My pineapple looks like I might get another fruit off it this year. It's had pups and they're all looking really healthy so fingers crossed!

That's a snapshot of my garden at the moment... what's growing in yours?


  1. I feel your pain on the heat :( I feel quite mean about it, but I keep rejoicing that we are not experiencing Perth's scorching temperatures this year! I'm not sure if our -3'C morning would be any better for small children though, so in the meantime, at least you have a great garden crop coming.

    1. I waver between preferring the scorching heat (pools, stone fruit, iceblocks and picnic weather) and the freezing cold (snuggles, winter clothing, warm stodgy meals and lovely warm desserts). I always want what I can't have though! And true, I do love the garden in all seasons! :)

  2. OOOh pumpkin will be exciting come autumn :)

    1. Thank you! I love the idea of growing my own food. Somehow it makes everything taste better :)



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