Thursday 15 January 2015

Three things Thursday

In an effort to put a bit more regularity to my blog posts, I'm going to attempt to commit (as much as one can with two small children) to posting more often this year. I'm one of those people who responds quite well if I have a goal to work towards and a deadline to hit. Consequently, to hold me to account, I'm starting a new thing, three things Thursday, where I will talk about three things (oh I know, so unexpected!). Ha!
  1. This week, Jimmy reached a new milestone. For the first time in his ten weeks of life, he slept for a period of six hours. SIX HOURS IS PRACTICALLY OVERNIGHT! And yes that needed to be in all capitals and bold. I felt like a new woman. My boobs felt like they were melons about to explode.
  2. I want to know how I got lucky enough to get a baby who will only day nap for a decent period when he is on me. I honestly don't remember if Ellie was like this, and if she was, when did she start being able to sleep on her own? Some days I am just so touched out. Thank goodness for baby wearing... but... touched. Out.
  3. How good is pecan pie? Seriously, it is amazing. Look at that piece I ate because um... Jimmy wanted it (and so did I). Does anyone have a fabulous pecan pie recipe to share? Or heck, while I'm reaching, does anyone just want to bake me pie? 

How is your week going?



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