Thursday 29 January 2015

Three things Thursday

I do love a short week. Of course, it could be argued that as I don't 'work' per se, public holidays don't mean the same thing. This is true, but a public holiday is still an extra day that Mr Fork has at home with us, and that's always fun!

1. Mr Fork and I had thought about going on a mini break somewhere over the Australia Day long weekend, but we left it a bit late to book, so that's an activity for another time now. Instead, we spent some time at home, some time out and about and even indulged in the well known Australian tradition of running through the sprinkler in the backyard. Jimmy is still too little to enjoy such things, so he alternately ate and slept in the wrap, but Ellie had a ball. Hooray for water!

2. I made some time to tend to the garden, so I have lots of things growing now. I've tidied and weeded, and in one of the garden beds there are snow peas, lettuce, coriander and parsley all newly planted. I can't wait for them to be harvestable size!

3. There is a turn of phrase out there known as 'ninja vegan' where something is unexpectedly vegan that you wouldn't expect to be. For example, Aldi has fruit and jelly cups that contain no gelatine and are actually vegan. Ninja vegan for the win! Another ninja vegan item is the churros from San Churro, as is their dark chocolate dipping sauce. We went there over the long weekend as it was hot, and they had air conditioning (and I like churros).

Mr Fork and I get the plate for two with one milk and one dark dipping pot and it's a match made in heaven. There aren't a lot of meals we agree to share but this is one (yes, churros are a meal!).

Ellie was won over by the children's churros, which came with dipping chocolate and sprinkles!

How is your week going?


  1. I've not heard the term ninja vegan but do love those unexpected vegan finds :)

    1. PS. You won my giveaway of Ricki Heller's new book, Living Candida-Free - congratulations! Hopefully it will give you some recipe inspiration for when you have time to test out new dishes.

      If you send me an email with your postal address, I'll then forward it on to the person in charge if dispatching books: bitesizedthoughts [at] gmail [dot] com



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