Saturday 11 April 2015

Odd bunch produce

I like odd things that other people sometimes find strange. If I'm offered a plate of something, I'm the sort of person that will choose the weird shaped item because I feel sorry for it. I'll pick the runt of the puppy litter as my favourite (both of our hounds were runts and the last of the litters), and I always check out the wilted and marked down seedlings at Bunnings in case there is anything there I think I can save.

So, you better believe I was super chuffed when I discovered a small section in my local Woolworths devoted to 'Odd Bunch' produce. This is produce which is perfectly fine and edible, but perhaps doesn't meet cosmetic standards of 'good looking' food.


Look at that! I'm a bargain hunter from way back (blame the Asian heritage!) and at a time where 'perfect' apples are going for $5.98 and carrots were $2.48 in store, there is no good reason not to get these odd fruits really ($3.98 and $0.98 for comparison).

I also loathe that I was shopping at Woolworths for produce anyway, but if I can't get to a farmer's market and pay the farmer directly, I see no reason why Woolies should get extra money if I can help it. Besides, I feel sorry for those 'ugly' foods that people would likely pass over.

Someone in marketing has a sense of humour:
Peculiar Pears: A bunch of pear shaped fruit who dream of being pureed or eaten as they are.

Abnormal Apples: A bunch of ridiculously delicious apples who dream of being an apple pie or eaten as they are.

Misshapen Potatoes: A bunch of imperfect potatoes who don't have a chip on their shoulder, they just want to be mashed.
I understand that there are Blemished Beetroots, Peculiar Parsnips, and Motley Mangoes, as well as a couple of other things depending on availability and season. I was a bit sad to realise I didn't get a proper photo of the tomato description and there were no carrots to giggle at, but it just gives me an excuse to go back and rescue more of this odd produce!

Note, this is not a sponsored post, I was just chuffed to see this initiative in store. I'm big on a small eco footprints and reducing waste, so I'm pleased to see Woolworths doing something like this. Besides, when I grow my own food I know full well it doesn't always look shop perfect but it's still perfectly tasty.

Do you like odd things? 

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  1. I love how people are embracing ugly fruit. Aussie Farmers are doing an imperfect fruit and veg family box for only $19 a box. Which is cheaper than their couples box.



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