Thursday 9 April 2015

Thursday this week looks like

After a long weekend and therefore a rushed start to the week, Thursday in our household this week looks a bit like:

1. Exhaustion. As soon as we got back from holidays, Mr Fork had to go away for work overnight. I grudgingly wished him a safe flight and told him to enjoy his sleep. Know what he said? He told me it wasn't going to be relaxing at all, because he had to take clients out for drinks and dinner and socialising. OH THE POOR MAN. My heart bleeds for how hard he had it. Meanwhile, I was up all night ping ponging between Ellie and Jimmy. This is after the 8 hour drive home where Jimmy had screamed constantly for the last 200km. Mr Fork is home again now, but I remain in a fuzzy sleep deficit. I should catch up oh... in about 5 years or so I'd say! :)

2. Hangry. Jimmy showed signs of wanting to seriously start on solids while we were away. So I let him. I'm a strong proponent of baby led weaning, so I just handed him some of what I was having and left him to it (and fended off the grandparents who kept wanting to give him vegemite, honey, lamb shanks and other 'goodies' as first foods). I filled him up with mama milk first and then let him play with the food - best I can say is he went at it like a rabid piranha. Here he is grabbing at a sourdough crust with gusto!

3. Nostalgic. Though I complained about driving 600km+ each way with two small children, I really am more than a little in love with the journey. When I was younger, we used to drive quite a distance to see my grandparents all the time, so it's a trip down memory lane for me, and I hope the beginning of many wonderful road trip memories for my children too. Also, this sunburnt country of ours is pretty spectacular, with its sweeping plains, mountain range, droughts and sweeping rains - and rainbows! I should add that these photos were all taken within about a half hour of each other!

How does your week look?

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