Friday 24 April 2015

This week I am

A bit late with my Thursday post, so here is Three Things Friday! Blog post writing is so heavily influenced by the here and now. The mood that you're in while writing, your surroundings and the moment surrounding you. So this post is probably a reflection of this for me right now.
1. Tired. I started writing this post at 3:45am on Thursday morning, with the intention of posting it later at a decent hour! It's cold - the thermometer in the kitchen shows me that it's about 10C in my house. I'm wearing a tracksuit and socks, but no slippers, as I left those in the bedroom and Jimmy is wrapped against my chest and currently screaming blue murder so I don't want to take him in there and risk waking Mr Fork. Jimmy has a cold (thank you Ellie and daycare drop offs!) and he is so snotty he can't breathe while lying down. He can barely breathe upright and he's most grumpy about it. Mr Fork and I have been taking it in turns to stay up with him. It's not improving anyones mood at all to be honest. In fact, I'd do almost anything for a good night's sleep at the moment. Baby colds are the worst. You can't give them anything, you can't do anything for them, they can't even blow their nose. Poor things.

I shared this picture on Instagram because after being up allllll night, Jimmy fell asleep after the daycare drop off yesterday. Yes, he's on a pillow and that doesn't really meet SIDS guidelines, but I didn't care. Of course, fate made it so I wasn't the least bit sleepy, but I did lie down and have some much needed quiet time. How cute is the teddy on his head?

2. Cold. Winter is coming (like that GOT reference??), but it feels like it's already here. There has been a definite change in the air in the last week - mornings are chilly, and a glance around at fashion shows that scarves, long sleeves, boots and layers are all making a reappearance. Of course, it's all well and good to be cold outside when I'm tucked up in bed with lots of blankets to keep me toasty. It's quite another to be cold when I'm awake all night with the small man.... serenity now!

3. Sick. Hence the lateness of this post. Jimmy's snotty nose has morphed into a cold and with the close proximity he and I have, I was bound to get it. The terrible thing is I can't take anything good to make myself better as lots of things transfer through breastmilk. So I'm dosing myself with plenty of fresh lemon and ginger tea, and some probiotics to boost both our immune systems. I feel rubbish, but a mama rarely gets to indulge that... so on I trudge! The view isn't too bad with all the snuggles we are having for comfort though... look at those tangled lashes and rosy cheeks!
How is your weekend looking?


  1. My tiny tot can only sleep on a pillow! Plus she spent her first 7 months sleeping between us in our bed! She was born to be a (SIDS) rule breaker! :P

    1. It's funny. Small man does not at all like to cosleep with me, but my little miss loved it. It would sure make my feeding life easier if he could just help himself to the milk bar at night, ha! :P



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