Thursday 16 April 2015

This week looks like

Well Thursday, we meet again. The weeks are rolling on by far too quickly for my liking. The year is more than a quarter over already! I feel like I just gave birth a few days ago (although frankly I remember those newborn days far too well and wouldn't wish to have them back!).
Here's the week in three points:

1. Triumphant! My passionfruit vines, which admittedly were rather neglected for a patch, are now starting to repay the attention I've been paying them. I have a large number of lovely flowers and am also starting to notice some of these are bearing fruit. Woohoo! I'm picturing lush homemade cordial, fantastic baked goods and just plain eating them fresh from the garden!
2. Tired. Literally and mentally. Literally, because Jimmy is having massive sleep regression at the moment. If he's not waking up every two hours at night (he is), he's screaming, wanting to be fed constantly, or in a chatty mood (which isn't a bad thing but whhhhyyyyyyy does he want to do it at 1am?!). He isn't much better during the day, but at least then I have coffee and a wrap so I can wear him (rather exhausting now he's over 8kg) and walk around. Here's a picture of a rather nice muesli I ordered while out rambling because Jimmy was close to sleep and I couldn't pack him up to go home as he'd wake. Various seeds and nuts, with fruit in a coconut yoghurt. Yum

Tired mentally because well, it just seems like everyone wants something from me at the moment, whether it's time, work, decisions, comfort, dinner... and I'm feeling stretched a little thin. Very thin actually, and quite a bit fragile.

3. Content. I realise this doesn't really jive in with my previous point, but there have also been a few moments lately where I just felt like I got it. That I was winning at life. On Monday for example, I bundled up Ellie and Jimmy and we went to our local shopping centre to see Shaun the Sheep. Ellie got to meet the sheep (she was all enthusiastic until he was up close and then she was terrified), and also got to paint a little plaster sheep. Because we were on a roll then I took both kids to a cafe and sat down and had cake. There were no meltdowns. Then I packed everyone into the car and they came home and napped at the same time. I was able to sit down and have a solitary lunch and read a few chapters of a novel. Right then, I felt like I was doing it right. Let me reiterate: two kids, free range at a shopping centre, painting, cake in public, napping simultaneously, solo lunch! So it's not all bad.

How has your week been?

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